Horse-protome spout

Sumhuram/Khor Rori, Oman
Spout; H 5.9, W 4.4, TH 2.4 cm; W 17 g
Complete conical, bronze spout adorned with a horse-shaped protome. The representation is rather stylized; the front legs are shown schematically. Most probably the spout belonged to a bowl part of a typical "wine set". It was found in Sumhuram, the renowed port-city of Hadramawt.
Tubular figurative spouts adorned with a horse-shaped protome were found both at Mleiha (UAE) and Salut, where they were part of bowls equipped with a small strainer on the wall, thus serving to sieve liquids. Such bowls are part of drinking sets that also included ladles, strainers, and drinking bowls. Similar spouts were also discovered in tombs at Samad al-Shan.
The horse motif is well attested in association to drinking vessels in the Iranian tradition from the Achaemenid through the Parthian and Sassanian period, as witnessed for example by several rythons.