Mleiha, Sharja, UAE
Funerary stele; L 87, H 52, TH 16
222/221 or 215/214 BCE
South-Arabic / Aramaic bilingual funerary inscription engraved in a block of lime plaster. It was found in the funeral chamber of the tomb FA-5 in Mleiha. The inscription mentions the first historical reference to the existence of a Kingdom of Oman, a reference that led to a heated debate on the authenticity of this stele.
The writing attestations in eastern and south-eastern Arabia are not many; however, the presence in these areas of South Arabian and Aramaic writings highlights the sharing of cultural elements in the Arabian Peninsula following the movement of people and goods.
(PR, pictures and details from E. Yousif and B. Overlaet, "Mleiha (Catalog of the Meliha exhibition in Brussels 2018)", 2018)