discovering the heart of Oman

Salut Museum



In the heart of Oman. The castle of Salut.

The book is meant to explore in depth all the subjects shown in the Virtual Museum. It is tailored on the most curious and interested visitors.
A preliminary section, Myth and history, introduces the reader in the heart of the written documentation about the Oman, and specifically about the site of Salut: from the mythical or legendary tales, with passages from the Arabic literary tradition, to the properly historical contents, with citations from near eastern sources, especially from Mesopotamia, of Bronze and Iron Age.
The section Archaeology and restoration at Salut is dedicated to the research and excavations carried out by the Italian Mission over the last ten years. The main results of the investigations are presented here, as well as a reconstruction of the different archaeological phases testified at the site, inside the cultural context of East Arabia. Special attention is devoted to environmental aspects, especially the water management and irrigation systems.
Last but not least, there is a description of the architectural restorations at the site with the methods and criteria adopted for this operation.
The third section is the actual Catalogue, which includes the meaningful findings from Salut. Organized on the basis of the main chronological phases documented at the site (Bronze Age and Iron Age), the catalogue offers an exhaustive treatment of the different categories of materials discovered at Salut: pottery, soft stone vessels, beautiful bronze ritual objects, seals and terracotta figurines.