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Salut Museum


Grave 7

The small sub-circular Grave 7 established along the perimeter of G4 (IMTO archive)

Position of the large Grave 4 and of the two small tombs, Grave 5 and Grave 7 (IMTO archive)

Along the perimeter of grave G4, on Jabal Salut, was found a small sub-circular grave labeled as G7. It was established partially dismantling the outer wall of the older grave.
It shares the same architectural typology of Grave 5, found nearby, but it wasn't sealed.
Furthermore, they have in common a similar apparatus of grave-goods.
The presence of a fig shell (Ficus subintermedia, F5), also known as ‘feeding shell’ due to the fact that it is traditionally used by mothers in this area to supply liquids to baby, strenghten the hypotesis that the tomb was meant to host an infant burial, as the small size of the grave might indicate.
Also a Vasticardium shell (F4) containing a green copper-base powder, likely a compound containing atacamite, was found.
Together with these shells, three complete, typical Wadi Suq beakers were discovered. All of them display a black painted decoration just below the rim, decoration that can vary from two horizontal lines enclosing a wavy line (F1, F2) to two simple horizontal lines (F3).